Traditional Way Of Cleaning Tiles

Traditional houses use tile floors as the main choice. Tile floors or often called tile floors and terracotta floors are indeed very suitable to be applied to traditional-style houses. Unfortunately, the tile floor gets dirty very easily. The size of the pores is large enough to make dust particles easily stick to the surface of this tile floor. As a result, the floor looks dull and loses its charm. You have to overcome it so that the floor does not look dull anymore. Even if possible, the tile floor in your home has a glossy surface so it looks so luxurious. But how without Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches help?

It turns out that we can still clean the old tiles that are already dull. Even we can make the surface of the tile floor look shiny or shiny. The process itself is not too difficult but requires a high level of patience. The reason is that you have to do the process of cleaning this tile floor 3-5 times first, then you will see the results. Here you can use coconut pulp.

Yep, the dregs of grated coconut that have been taken out of coconut milk are very effective in cleaning tile floors. These dregs can remove dirt particles that stick to the surface of the tile floor. Coconut pulp will bind dirt very strongly, then lift it from the inside of the pores of the floor. The result is that the surface of the tile floor is clean from dirt. The oil content in coconut dregs is even capable of glossing the floor surface.

To clean a dull tile floor and make the surface look shiny, we only need coconut pulp. Coconut dregs are the remnants of grated coconut that have been extracted from coconut milk. It’s fine if you want to use grated coconut that still contains coconut milk. It’s just a shame, right, if the coconut milk is thrown away for free? The result is the same between using grated coconut with coconut milk and coconut dregs.